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Next-generation voice enabled virtual assistant to delivery EHR 

Build amazing voice-enabled experiences with our virtual assistant 


Our products help you build voice enabled EHR record, to let you save time by focusing on core healthcare competence 

voice assistant key features

You focus on the patients, we did the typing and words injection 

RPA to make you easily grabbing and dragging to virtual clinics HER

Multi-modal from ground up

Voice, vision, touch Real-time continuous multi-modal

Works on any platform

Support Android, IOS, Windows and Any website, application, service, device or process.

Voice-enabled shopping basket

Let your customers fill their shopping basket using their voice. Our APIs map user speech in real-time into your SKUs so that they find what they want fast and conveniently.

Continuous voice search

Many UI tasks include users having to make choices from a big universe of possibilities. Imagine if they could do all of this using their voice with real-time response.

Real-time voice input with tailored NLU

Our speech recognition technology seamlessly integrates the most important natural language processing functionalities so you can understand what your users mean in real-time

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