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virtual clinics solution

  • AICare Individualized routines can accommodate each resident’s preferences, abilities and values in alignment with the principals of person-centered care. For example, reminders to practice healthy habits and attend preferred community activities can improve the comfort and well-being of your community and its members. Your residents’ remote relatives will also feel better connected and informed about their loved one’s health and comfort thanks to AICare!

  • Increases feelings of independence and confidence regarding daily activities

  • Heightens awareness of and adherence to periodic tasks, healthy habits and medication schedules

  • Decreases feelings of isolation and offers 24/7 virtual companionship

  • Provides personalized entertainment and learning opportunities with easy access to music, news and other streaming audio content

  • Encourages social engagement with reminders to attend meals, group gatherings, events and community activities

  • Keeps remote, family caregivers informed and engaged with daily reports and alerts.

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