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Solution for aged care provider

  • AIcare expands the capabilities of popular smart speakers with a unique Proactive-Voice Platform and Caregiver Portal that provides an easy-to-use, 2-way voice service for older adults aging-in-place and chronically ill patients in their homes AND their caregivers!  Unlike traditional voice assistants, AIcare can be set up and controlled by a remote caregiver using an intuitive, online portal to configure and schedule proactive-voice check-ins, reminders, and other content providing virtual companionship.

  • Improves your loved one’s self-care and supports a more independent lifestyle Enables you to structure and support your loved ones’ schedules, tasks and reminders… when you can’t be there yourself

  • Reinforces healthy habits with proactive prompts, such as reminders to take medications, exercise, eat, hydrate, sleep or socialize and positive reinforcement or encouragement no matter how your loved one responds

  • Provides a sense of companionship through its friendly, personalized voice and access to engaging content and online entertainment, including music, news and weather

  • Offers a cost-effective and engaging way to support your loved one’s decision to live and thrive in their own home without requiring expensive and frequent in-person visits even for relatively small things

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